The Young Agrarians´Society of the Czech Republic (YAS CR)

The Young Agrarians ́ Society of the Czech Republic is non-government organization (NGO) that gathered and protect young agriculture comunity and the rural youth.


About us

We are non politic and non-profit voluntary organization established in 1999. We create and support the best conditions for the development and publicity of rural areas and modern agriculture bussines of young people.

We represent and protect the aims and business of our members in relation to the others state and  non goverment organisations in Czech Republic and abroad as well.

We provide counselling, education and promotion of our members avctivities. We cooperate with the other organisations, enterpreneurs and goverment as well.


Benefit of  YAS CR membership

-          Possibility to participate on agriculture activities (farm visiting, regulary casual meetings of farmers and YAS members, trips and holidays).

-          Possibility to participate on international conference  and meetings involved in visit of farms, food processing and so on.

-          Possibility to declare to current agriculture troubles

-          Our members are well informed about agriculture events

-          Our member are welcomed to participate in YAS activities to getting knowledges and experience.


How to enter

-          Just fulfill a register form, sign and send back to the office via mail or e-mail.

-          Pay a registration fee (200,-CZK/year for the first year, 500,- /CZK for the next years)


The world of policy

We try to assert the interests of our members  and all the young farmers in agricultural policy. Our the best credit was preparation the subsidy title „Support for young farmers“.  We are still working on improving conditions for young farmers. We regulary meet thr parliamentaians and we discuss agricultural topics.

Foreing countries

We have strong relationship and comunication with forein countries. We organize regular exchange of youngt people and students to foreins farms. We participate on meetings and conferences with agriculture topics. We are member of CEJA, the organization gathered the european young farmers and ECYF4HC – european non-goverment organisation for rural youth.